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"to guarantee that the products are of excellence, without losing the tenderness of the homemade flavor".


With over three decades of activity in the food industry, Vale D´Ouro is traditionally Mineira, a pioneer and national leader in the production of snacks.
Following the trails of Minas Gerais, came the flavored cookies: soft and delicious.

The Yuca Cookies and the Flavored Cookies Vale D'Ouro are produced with selected raw materials and approved by a strict Quality Control, being processed in modern equipment, by a team of trained and qualified employees. Under the supervision of qualified professionals.

An intense work is carried out daily to ensure that the products are of excellence,

without losing the tenderness of the homemade flavor.

Vale D´Ouro won not only Brazilians, in addition to distribution in almost

all national territory, it exports to the United States, England, Japan,

Portugal, Canada among others.

Aiming at the continuity of success, the company follows

the trends of always up to date.





Meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and partners,

providing safe and quality products, in compliance with regulatory standards,

without losing the tenderness of the homemade flavor. ​ ​ ​





Determination, persistence, commitment to food safety and quality,

valuing people, respect for employees, customers and suppliers. ​




Offer safe products for consumption, such as meet the quality requirements in accordance with regulatory standards and also meet conditions previously requested by customers. Provide an appropriate working environment for employees, with a process of training and continuous improvement. Seeking the satisfaction of our customers and consumers attending and, whenever possible, exceeding your expectations.



"From Minas Gerais to the world"

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